General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for the apartments Karolinenstr. 2, 63834 Sulzbach am Main

§ 1 Operator

The apartments (Modern, Deluxe) at Bestboarding24 are owned by: AS GbR (Ayse Sayar and Sabine Geldner) in the following called operator. The address of the apartments is: Karolinenstr. 2, 63834 Sulzbach am Main.

§ 2 Booking

Bookings can be made via Internet & or by phone or email. The booking confirmation is made in writing by email. With the booking the AGBs are bindingly accepted. When booking by telephone, the contract is concluded by submitting the declaration of intent on the phone and the confirmation by phone or in writing by the operator. The apartment may only be used by the number of persons stated in the booking.

§ 3 Accommodation costs (category see prices)

After the booking confirmation a deposit of 50% of the accommodation costs must be paid immediately. The remaining payment is due at check-in in cash or by card. In the case of short-term bookings, the overnight price must be transferred immediately, or paid to the operator in cash. This is done in agreement with the operator. A deposit will be charged for long-term overnight stays over 7 days. In this case, the customer pays the operator a security deposit for furniture and equipment provided in the amount of 50% of the agreed overnight stay costs. The deposit is due on arrival in cash or by credit card and is not interest-bearing. It will be refunded at the end of the overnight stay, provided there are no damages.

§ 4 Additional costs

The additional costs for water, gas and electricity, the use of the car parking space as well as the use of the WLAN are included in the overnight price. Furthermore the final cleaning is included.

§ 5 Key & handover / use

The operator hands over the key at the object or according to an individual agreement. Before departure the keys are returned. If the keys are lost, the costs for a new locking system and an additional handling fee of € 50.00 must be paid to the operator.

The operator has the right of access to the apartments at any time, especially in case of imminent danger and for weekly cleaning. The guest’s interests worthy of protection are to be taken into account appropriately when exercising the right of access. The operator will inform the guest about the exercise of the right of access in advance, unless this is unreasonable or impossible for the guest according to the circumstances of the individual case.

§ 6 Arrival and departure
On the day of arrival the apartment is available from 14:00 o’clock. Claims for damages cannot be asserted if the apartment cannot be occupied punctually at 14:00 hrs. On the day of departure, the apartment must be available for final cleaning from 12:00 noon. The apartment is to be handed over broom-cleaned and the rubbish is to be disposed of in the appropriate containers next to the car parking spaces (only for long-term stays over 7 nights).

§ 7 General obligations / house rules
The customer is obliged to be considerate, especially with regard to the volume, so as not to impair others. The apartments are rented out with complete inventory. Any shortages, defects or damage must be reported to the operator immediately. Any complaints about the condition of the apartments and the inventory will only be accepted within 24 hours of arrival. The inventory is to be treated gently and with care. The customer is liable for damages caused by culpable violation of the duty of care and notification incumbent on him, especially in the case of improper handling of technical equipment and other furnishings. The customer is also liable for the fault of his fellow passengers. Damage caused by force majeure is excluded from this. In the event of use of the apartment contrary to the terms of the contract, such as subletting, overcrowding, disturbance of domestic peace, etc., as well as non-payment of the full rental price, the contract may be terminated without notice. The accommodation amount already paid remains with the operator.

§ 8 Smoking and open fire
Smoking is not permitted in the apartments. Open fires, barbecues and fireworks are prohibited due to the increased fire risk. In case of violation of the house rules & Keep smoking in the apartments we reserve the right to cancel the rental contract without refund and to charge a special cleaning fee of 150 €.

§ 9 Internet use
The customer can use the WLAN access protected by user name/password, but is obliged not to infringe any third-party property rights (e.g. copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and database rights), not to use any services to retrieve or distribute immoral or illegal information and not to distribute any contents of a defamatory, insulting or inciting character or to violate any other laws. The operator therefore only provides the customer with authenticated Internet access and will store or have stored his connection data in accordance with the German Telecommunications Act (TKG). In the event of illegal use of the Internet access, the customer shall therefore be held liable.

§ 10 Use of car parking space
A parking space belongs to each apartment. The customer undertakes to use only the parking space belonging to him and to park only one car or motorcycle on this parking space. Slow and careful driving is required. All general technical and official regulations, especially those of the fire brigade and building control authorities, must be observed. Car wash, oil change, repairs, open fire etc. are not permitted on the parking space. Leaking petrol, oil or other liquids that are hazardous to the environment must be removed immediately and may not seep into the ground or flow into the drainage system. If necessary, the fire brigade must be called in. The operator must also be informed immediately. The operator is not liable for personal injury or damage to property caused to the customer when using the parking space, in particular not for damage to or loss of the parked vehicle. The customer is liable for all damages caused by the non-contractual use of the parking space.

§ 11 Use of the garden (Deluxe Apartments)
A garden area and a seating area are available. The garden furniture is provided depending on the weather.

§ 12 Pets
Pets are not allowed.

§ 13 Cancellation of travel

13.1 by the customer – in case of direct booking via the website

In case of cancellation up to 5 days before check-in, the customer is liable for the amount paid on account (50 % of the total amount); in case of later cancellation, the full amount is due.

13.2 by the customer – when booking via portals

Here the cancellation conditions of the portals apply.

The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

13.3 by the operator

The operator may withdraw from the contract after the start of the rental period without notice if the tenant persistently disturbs other tenants despite a warning or behaves in such a manner contrary to the contract that the immediate cancellation of the stay is justified.

§ 14 Liability of the operator
The operator is liable within the scope of the duty of care of a prudent businessman for the proper provision of the apartment. Any liability for possible failures or disturbances in water, electricity or internet supply, as well as events and consequences due to force majeure, are hereby excluded.

§ 15 Written form
There are no agreements other than those listed in this contract. The general terms and conditions are accepted with online booking or deposit of the accommodation costs.

§ 16 Place of jurisdiction
As far as legally permissible, the place of jurisdiction for both parties is Aschaffenburg.

§ 17 Severability Clause
Should one of the above mentioned accommodation conditions be legally invalid, it will be replaced by the corresponding legal regulations. The other accommodation conditions remain unaffected by this and remain valid.


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